The daily musings of a twenty-something and counting
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Until the Lion has a historian, the hunter will always be the Hero.

— African Proverb

23 is only 6 months away

time travels in marathons now.

Never have a seen a sweeter sight.

Purple mountain magesties

and cotton candy clouds

graced winged creatues

fly through the twilight beauty

and usher in the evening


The merciful act of confronting sin in a fellow believer is not so that we might hear an, “Oh, I’m so sorry I’ve wronged you!” If your brother or sister is sinning against you, they are more accurately sinning against God. Rebuke is for their repentance, not for your comfort. Few excel at or embrace the idea of confrontation, but it is something we’ve been commanded to do.

Rebuke. Repentance. Repetitive forgiveness.

— Hawkes Valente, Sarah. 31 Days to Lovely: A Journey of Forgiveness

 A beauty from Moody’s own Instagram. Follow @moodybiblespokane


:  to give comfort to in grief or misfortune :  console
a :  to make cheerful
   b :  amuse
:  allay, soothe

Leaving and Returning GLUTTONY →

My friend is returned back to China and I can’t help but relate to her gluttony as I prepare to head back to school. I want to take in everything, buy more things, see more people.. All of these things are fine in themselves, but I am fearing that all of these things, though good, have only fed my untrusting heart. It is as if I am feeding myself to the brim for fear of unorishment on the other side of the plane ride. “be still,” I am reminded. I hope these last few days here are filled with contentment, peace and trust that whatever is on the other side of that plane will be for my own betterment.